Where Art turns into a unifying agent

Program Information
Nowadays, Music had the ability in encouraging and motivating people’s hearts and souls as it is a universal language. Music also has become more Relevant today and it had the capabilities to reach a Million souls.
           On this motion a desire to make art that may inspire and spark out unity within the community of the world as we are born from love and in motion to give out love and spark out the unity from it. In this global world that is getting more into the dark side of life need the help that they can have. A solution that is required is hard as the unity line starting to break. Therefore, the medium that we think has the ability to be the common ground of the world is music.
Not only that We also would like to present and show the beauty of love to unite through music. Internationally, there are 195 countries in the world, and this makes the possibilities of art comes with millions of possible paint. As the song goes on, this is the prove that unitedness can be made and found through the motion of art. Like a wise old man once said Sound that was made by music may echo the great line of love.
In conclusion, We would like to make a music album on these causes.

Our Vision

- To impact society and to encourage unity within the dweller of the earth.

Programme Content

We will try to merge, combine, integrate, fuse, bond unite and unify the country around the world to represent the unity within the world to create the solution and bring out peace, prosperity, and love to this world. Through the notion, we will create an album that we hope may bring this idea into a reality

There will be 8 track (Song) for this project (ALBUM)

-Track 1 (Main Song)

-Track 2 (Africa Ver)

-Track 3 (Antarctica Ver)

-Track 4 (Asia Ver)

-Track 5 (Australia Ver)

-Track 6 (Europe Ver)

-Track 7 (North America Ver)

-Track 8 (South America Ver)


Our target for this album is, it may inspire people to unite on this earth as we are all the dwellers of this world. We also would like to encourage people to be proud of their culture at the same time would like the other side of an individual to motivate them on learning other’s culture as it will produce a harmony that may bring peace to the world  

How we gonno achieve the target

We will include each representative of each continent which is North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia through the harmony of the song. We will also like to focus on the lyrics to be more in the love and unity tune as it will be an impact on the society of the world. Next, we also would like to integrate cultural traditional Music and art

How We Gonno create the are on this current situation (New Norms)

We know that the current world is at war with Covid-19. Therefore, we have brewed a plan on how we gonna achieve it through the notion of new normal. One of the examples is toward the collaboration through Social media as all of us are the dweller of this advancement 


Our team.

We Unite To Create
Wynaldo O’niel Elexter W.

Team Leader

Arrisca Abun

Vice Team Leader

Aidorah Solingkin

Chief Executive

Kwon Young Hee | 권영희

Project Manager

Imran Khan | عمران خان

International Public Manager

Priskila Wayuni

Secretary General

Dianna Enn Jondan

Vice-Secretary General

Kelly Thecla


Winnie Gontuoh

Vice Treasury

Eric Sho Lie Chung

Creative and media Director

Marilyn Lee

Creative and Media Director II

Fransiska Gelema .P

Volunteer Manager


This Is how we Gonna Turn This idea into a reality

We are using the road of crowdfunding. This is because we believe that this method can not only reach a million souls without a barrier. On this matter, we hope you are on board and let us turn this idea into a reality.

The art Concept

This is just the demo and concept for this project. We are trying to do more. Imagine what we can do if we succeed in the crowdfunding motion. We hope you will join us on the voyage.